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A few short stories


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These 2 stories are about 2 people i know.. my dad and My friend..

One nite my friend (i wont mention any names) Was thinking how much he hated life and how he wanted to kill himself. That day his Grandpa died and he thought his grandpa was the coolest person ever. So that one nite i was online talking with him and he was telling me what was wrong. He was asking for help so i was a kind person and did the right thing and helped him.. i told him what to do.. the next day he wasnt at school he just wanted to scare me of course, so he got back online the day he was gone i asked where he was he said hospital. I got freaked out i asked him what hapend he said he tried comitting suicide but then his parents caught him and called the cops.  I asked him if he was lying he said no i was at a funeral. I said thank GOD!! He tried comitting suicide by cutting himself in horrible places that are unmaginable he was so close of dying i think i helped some how.

Once my dad got so pissed and angry with everyone and everything in life and anywhere. My dad is a fire fighter  so he knew some how that he could do something to hurt himself. So one nite he went to the fire dept. and shut all the doors turned on all the trucks and tried to kill himself.. If u think that is bad u would like to hear other stories go on..

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